Meet Stacey

Stacey is ready to move Kansas forward!

  • An Olathe resident since 2003, Stacey and her husband, Troy, have two daughters who inspire her every day to make Kansas a better place for the generations to come.
  • A public school teacher’s daughter, Stacey spent eight years working in public schools, four as a sign language interpreter and four as a math teacher. She has witnessed firsthand the needs of teachers and will fight to fully fund public education.
  • Stacey has served in volunteer roles at Catholic Charities food pantry and at her church as a teen leader, on the worship team, and as a youth counselor.
  • Stacey has filled leadership roles within the Democratic Party since 2017. As a Senate 9 Precinct Committeewoman, she has had opportunities to hear many people’s thoughts and concerns about the future of Kansas, and as a State Senator, she will give voice to these concerns.

From Stacey

June 2, 2020

I used to think I missed the struggle. I wasn’t born a slave in the 1840s like my great grandfather who, after emancipation, became the first black man to graduate from KU’s School of Law. I wasn’t born in the 1940s like my parents who marched and protested on KU’s campus during the civil rights movement. But when 2016 happened, I knew it was my turn. I wasn’t born too late; there are always new battles to win and it was my time to step into the flow of history. My turn to ACT.

Protesting and activism come in many forms, and now I find myself in a very specific form of activism: running for office. It is one thing to say, “things need to change.” It is something else to be in the room where those decisions are made.

The world…well, the world is burning, but I am focused on what I can do. There is so much to say about the events of the past weeks…months…four years…40 years… I have many thoughts and emotions around all of it. I have been floored and enraged. I have been inspired and tired in my soul. I have been sad.

But I am choosing to be focused on this race marked out for me. Senate District 9 needs new representation. We need health care and reproductive rights. We need responsiveness and integrity. We need a new set of eyes. We need a different voice, one that advocates for individual interests over corporate interests.

Now, when so many are asking what they can do to effect change in the country and in Kansas, I have an answer. Join me in this effort to elect me to the legislature. The ask has always been threefold: Volunteer, host a meet and greet, or donate to the campaign.

History will eventually judge us for this moment in the American experiment. I am determined to be on the right side. Join me.