Stacey Knoell is running for Senate in District 9 because she knows Kansas cannot afford to go backward. She will work for the people and do what is best to move Kansas forward.


Stacey believes Kansans – no matter what they look like, where they’re from, what religion they practice, or who they love – deserve to live free of discrimination.


Stacey will fight to fully fund education at all levels – from early childhood learning through K-12 public schools to higher education and career and technical education programs.


Stacey supports expanding Medicaid – the federal tax dollars of hardworking Kansans deserve to be invested here, helping other Kansans access healthcare. She will also work to ensure Kansans with pre-existing conditions continue to have access to affordable healthcare and to reduce prescription drug prices. 

She also believes it’s important to safeguard investments in community mental health centers to help Kansans of all ages during some of the most challenging times in their lives. 


Stacey will advocate for living wages and good paying career opportunities. She is committed to practicing fiscal responsibility to ensure continued budget stability while also providing our most vulnerable Kansans with the support they need. 


Stacey understands the real threat of climate change. She will work to find and implement solutions so that Kansans have cleaner water to drink, safer air to breathe, more renewable energy, and less waste for generations to come.